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Yeah! You're all gonna be in this experimental film!

I don't know what makes your face implode but that's the way the movie ends...

Kaesa Aurelia
31 December 1986
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I'm Kaesa. Which is not to say that that's my name, of course; it's just my screenname. Go ahead and friend me if you like. I'm not picky, and I don't bite, usually. I am an immense science nerd -- biology and chemistry are my favorites. Anyway, chances are I'll babble about science stuff occasionally. My particular topic of nerdly and political joy is water quality issues. And earthworms.

I also read and write fanfiction, and do a bit of roleplaying. Most of my fiction (original and fannish) is posted at tamarindchutney.

Politically, I'm very liberal, but I don't blog about it often, because there are people who enjoy writing about politics and do it well, and... I'm not really one of them. I prefer to read.

Don't have an LJ? Don't want to use LJ anymore? This blog is mirrored on JournalFen and InsaneJournal. I am exactly as coherent at those sites as I am here, though, so don't expect much better.

...iz pastede on yay, agnosticism, airships, alchemy, alice's restaurant anti-massacre movement, archeology, arguing, arithmancy, artificial intelligence, astronauts, aziraphale/crowley, basset hounds, bookmarks, books, broderick bode, bubble wrap, celtic music, charlie weasley, chocolate, choir, collective leviosa metaphorical backhair, comedy, cyberpunk, cyrano de bergerac, diana wynne jones, dinosaurs, discworld, dogma, dogs, douglas adams, dragons, duct tape, egypt, environmentalism, eureka, every flavour beans, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, filk songs, firefly, freedom of speech, gattaca, giant squids, gil wulfenbach, gilderoy lockhart, ginny weasley, girl genius, godric gryffindor, harry potter, helga hufflepuff, hermione granger, history, hogwarts, honorary jewdom, horatio hornblower, iceland, indian food, jk rowling, kaiser wilhelm!, klaus wulfenbach, little shop of horrors, lord lenivel, mad science, madame pince, maddy prior, made up words, madrigals, magic, magical theory, malfoys, mars, marsupials, mary sues, medieval history, memetics, memory charms, millicent bagnold, millicent bulstrode, moaning myrtle, monty python, music, mythology, narbonic, nasa, neville longbottom, nicolas flamel, novels, obscure canon characters, order of the stick, origami, ouran high school host club, paper cranes, paranoia, parodies, perenelle flamel, pet shop of horrors, pirates, plot bunnies, project avatar, pushing random buttons, quidditch, rabid squirrels, ravenclaw, rita skeeter, robots, ron weasley, rowena ravenclaw, salazar slytherin, scary-go-round, science, science fiction, shakespeare, shiny things, singing, slinkies, sluggy freelance, star trek, steampunk, surviving school, swiss army knives, terry pratchett, the beatles, the chronicles of chrestomanci, the department of mysteries, the founders, the great god om, they might be giants, time travel, tom lehrer, tom marvolo riddle, tom riddle, transfiguration, uncensored interests lists, undercover ninja princesses, unspeakables, urinetown, vlad the impaler, weapons-grade schoolbooks, weasleys, webcomics, whomping willows, wicked, witty remarks, woobies, writing, zombies