Kaesa Aurelia (kaesa) wrote,
Kaesa Aurelia

So the past few days have been really astonishingly good.

I started posting my Undertale WIP to AO3, and it's been getting, uh, way more feedback than I ever expected, so

okay I can't pretend to be not excited anymore YOU GUYS I GOT FUCKING AMAZING FANART.

LOOK AT THIS. Um, spoilers for the fic, obviously but like ldksghsd I can't BELIEVE she illustrated the scene with Undyne yelling at Sans while he's on the hatrack omg, I just, sometimes I open the pictures at work and am like "someone drew this, improbably enough, because I wrote a thing." Just. AAAH. (The artist also does amazing stuff in clay and cloth, too.)


The other thing, which happened to me before I got THE SECOND BUNCH OF FANART (FANART! OMG!), is I spent my lunch break caaasually eating chips and reading about the lawsuit against Cassandra Claire, and I just felt like I was living the Fandom Wank dream. I mean... a.) that is super mean of me and b.) I'm not really sure this particular lawsuit has merit, but still.

Anyway, tomorrow is the start of a four-day weekend for the Illinois court system, so I am hoping to a.) do a lot of writing, and b.) get my apartment cleaned up and various housekeeping items done.

Oh, less fun: there was a brief relapse of heating issues, so I texted the maintenance guy and he... apparently thought flirting really badly was an appropriate response? Anyway I feigned ignorance and texted back "you're talking about the heater I'm sure!" but I'm not really all that keen on being in my apartment if he has to come again and fix it, and it usually breaks down when it's too cold to really go anywhere. I mean, I'll complain to the landlords if he gets weird, but goddamnit I just want to not freeze, that is all I'm looking for here.


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