Dec. 31st, 2014

So, Yuletide reveals! ...I was kind of hoping to get another recs post done (I have 7 fics in my "to rec" text doc right now) but reveals happened first.

Also, it is my birthday! (I'm 28.)

Anyway, I wrote two full-length stories for Yuletide and one Madness treat.

They were:

Bizarre Internal Errors and Perfect Timing, two Analogue: A Hate Story ficsCollapse )

The treat I wrote was:
Fuck You and Your Can Opener Privilege, a FFA RPF ficCollapse )

Yuletide 2014 Recs Post #1

This Christmas has been really busy for me, so I'm just getting around to a recspost. But! Here is a recspost; hopefully there will be more!

First off, my gifts!

Medieval Land Fun-Time World and Jonathan Strange & Mr. NorrellCollapse )

Other recs: Analogue: A Hate Story/Hate Plus, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Medieval Land Fun-Time World, Narbonic, and TransistorCollapse )

Nov. 23rd, 2014

Yay, Yuletide! I finally got some sleep this week and kind of shook the cold (?) I think I had, and also got a start on the main Yuletide fic, finally. It's looking like it's going to be more romance and less caseficcy, partly because goddamn there's a lot of relationship stuff I wanted to explore with this particular set of prompts+plotbunny, and it'll be hard to do justice to the requested ship if I'm concentrating on the case? And partly because, while I have a good feel for the character conflicts and thematic stuff I want to bring to the fore with this case, I am having some trouble figuring out how the details of how it fit together as a puzzle. It'll probably be more in the background.

And at the very least, right now I have a couple thousand words of cuteness I can turn in if suddenly everything goes wrong between tomorrow and December 20th? But hopefully that won't happen.

Other stuff: I got my second of three big unwieldy pieces of IKEA furniture put together, finally, and made arrangements with my dad to help me build the third one. I'm usually vehemently opposed to having him help me put stuff together, because I never really got to help him with handyman stuff around the house when I was a kid and as a result I don't really have those skills, but... I need them? And I do have a knack for putting things together in general, so usually I do pretty well. Like, I'm decent at putting sewing patterns together and making robots and stuff, so IKEA furniture is pretty easy. But in this case I'm literally going to have to screw up (as in, put screws in aimed upwards) while also holding the top of the table I'm putting together down, and I managed that with the first piece of furniture but it took the better part of an afternoon and I was really sore afterwards. Good workout, but bad time management. Anyway, after this I'm hoping to clear a bunch of counterspace in my kitchen, and have some extra counterspace in my dining room, and also, y'know, have a dining room instead of a room full of boxes and furniture parts. Working on getting some more furniture for my bedroom too. I need a dresser.

Blah blah blah whatever. In other writingy news, I haven't been focusing on it, but I have kind of been pecking away at the next plot arc for my Founderfic. This summer I kind of got bogged down on a really emotionally difficult-to-write scene (Rowena loses her temper in a scary way) but I managed to wrap that up just before Yuletide, so now I'm dealing with the aftermath, and I think I did okay on the earlier scene.

Nov. 17th, 2014

...and then life ate me. Partly because I have stuff going on, partly because it's dark all the time, and partly because I'm steeling myself for the emotional exhaustion that is negotiating my family's utter bullshit this holiday season. It shouldn't be as bad this year as it has been in years past, but I know it will be a mixture of festively nice and awkward and mildly traumatic.

Brief family ranting.Collapse )

Anyway. Um. Pretty sure I can't manage that Yuletide NaNo thing. Oh well. I'll still try for a nice high total Yuletide wordcount with lots of treats. Haven't yet written anything for it, but I am brainstorming on the main fic. I need to get past my insecurity here and just write.

Nov. 4th, 2014

Current Yuletide/NaNo progress:

Treat #1: 1,506 words (309 new)
NaNo words: 309
Canon review for assignment: ~22%
Ballots cast: 1

Okay, so I am not doing too hot on the whole NaNoYuletide thing, I know, I know. But on the plus side, canon is soooo gooood eeeeee. Hopefully I'll be able to get more words out once canon review is done.

Also, I have the excuse of having spent the weekend with thinkatory and her boyfriend and their friends. They had a costume party! (I was a mad scientist. This is my default costume because I've been a mad scientist for Halloween three times already, and once I also um once cosplayed very badly as one of my HP OCs anyway my point is I have the labcoat and the goggles and a plethora of other silly accessories.)

The day after that they introduced me to Pathfinder and I made a character based on Terezi (thinkatory was playing her Vriska-esque pirate character!) and I had a lot of fun! She's a half-orc Empiricist Investigator. I have a soft spot for half-orcs. Anyway, it looks like there are a few more local Pathfinder groups so I'm going to see if they're also fun to play in, and maybe it'll be a regular thing? We'll see!

Oct. 31st, 2014

Oh my GOD I have basically been squeeing inwardly about my Yuletide assignment alllll daaaaay.

Also, I'm going to try what chat has coined "Worst Idea Ever" -- do Yuletide as NaNoWriMo and try for 50k words in November. (Ideally separated out over different fics. I don't want to saddle my poor recip with a novel-length to read on Christmas Eve.)

And I'm going to try and make posts with approximate wordcounts to keep myself encouraged, and also because I never post anymore and maybe this will get me back into the habit. Obviously today doesn't count for NaNo, though.

So, current progress:

Treat #1: 1,197 (205 new)
Canon review for assignment: ~5%
Writing done tonight: None, but I took two pages of notes on canon.
Research placeholders left in writing: 2

So, okay, not impressive, but it's a start! (I'm hoping this treat will be 3-4k, but once I'm done with canon review I'll obviously be concentrating on the assignment.)

Sep. 24th, 2014

Hi, flist! Long time no see!

So, a lot happened IRL, mostly not super fun stuff. I could write a lot of excuses about how I was doing exchanges in the midst of a deep depression and then when I shook it off I was like "holy shit there is a whole world out there! I forgot I had friends IRL! hello friends!" and then I defaulted on something I really didn't want to default on, and then shame spiral, and then medical stuff, but that is mostly in the past, except for the medical stuff. I'll put that under a cut since medical stuff is deeply boring to many people:

Medical stuff! Mostly for my venting benefit.Collapse )

So yeah, I guess basically I have to work on learning to cook more things, which means I have to work on putting my kitchen together, because after the move I realized I have this huge dining room, no furniture to put in it, and a kitchen with alarmingly little counterspace.

Ugh this post is all over the place. TBH I am kind of writing this because I NEVER POST and I felt bad about that. I am trying to figure out if there is anything actually interesting that I have done lately.

I've been playing a lot of Sims 4, which I actually like better than Sims 3 (Sims 3 did not play well with my gaming PC) and if you ask I will bore you to death with screenshots of my hilarious fannish sim families, my half-assed Roxy Lalonde legacy challenge, and the laboratory I made out of kitchen counters and bar decor.

OH and Bad Bang. Guys, let me tell you about Bad Bang. If you don't already know, Bad Bang is this amaaaazing Big Bang-esque challenge being run at irregular intervals by adaptationdecay where you write the most godawful piece of fiction it is within your power to write, and then someone illustrates it hideously. So far there has been one Bad Bang and one Reverse Bad Bang, and apparently there is a Telephone Bad Bang in the works where someone writes, another person draws, another person writes based on the art, and another person draws based on the fic. The nice thing about Bad Bang is you only get a few days to "create," so it's low-pressure and everyone is wanky in the comments. I haven't had a chance to dig into the Reverse Bad Bang fics but the whole archive is here, and my personal favorite Bad Bang fic from Round 1 is, I think, Darksound of the Opera, a Poem of Longing and the Barricaded Heart, which I explained to my visiting friend over lunch today because it was so amazing. (I am kind of disappointed the author stayed anonymous, but if you ever stumble across this, author, you are the best. <3 PLZ U HAV 2 RITE ME THE GRENADINE SEQUALL!!!) I wrote a Destiel/Sterek fic, and the art was amazing. It must be seen to be believed; you don't even need to have read the fic to understand it, because there are captions! And labels!

I also illustrated this short and sweet Theon/Ramsay tentacle fic with so many dicks, SO MANY, mostly in the comments and unsurprisingly it is surpassing most of the fics I am actually proud of writing wrt kudos, BECAUSE DICKS. Fandom, never change, you are 100% ridiculous.


Please don't stress about this huge long list of prompts! The most important thing for you to know is a.) I love the song you're writing about, and b.) I want to read what you want to write, not a hyperspecific scenario. I suggest some hyperspecific scenarios in my prompts, but if you do best with less prompting, please feel free to ignore my prompts and go on your merry way. I KNOW, I KNOW, I wrote a lot, that seems like a crazy thing for me to say you can ignore it. The thing is I just kind of ...write a lot in general. I promise I mean it.

General likes/dislikesCollapse )

THE SONGS! "Boo" by Pinback, "I Left the Wolves Behind That Night" by The Tiger & Me, "Reprehensible" by They Might Be Giants, "Thomas the Rhymer," and "White Unicorn" by Wolfmother.Collapse )

Mar. 15th, 2014

Hi, flist. Long time no see! I have stuff to talk about! Not, uh, fannish stuff at the moment, but I'm thinking of restarting my biweekly fanmixes thing and probably also posting some themed polyfannish recs, because, recs. (I recently got into Homestuck, so currently I am uh, absorbing lots of angstilicious backstory fic and fun AUs, and also watching thinkatory read Homestuck and seeing her head explode. It's pretty great.)

Anyway, I figured now was as good of a time as any to do a general life update.

So I'm moving next week. It's gonna be crazy. I'm just moving four blocks but I cannot wait to get out of here, because, you guys, I live in Wrigleyville, and at this very moment my downstairs neighbors are starting Hour Fifteen of drinking green beer and partying. Some of their charming possibly-guests called me a cunt and a half when I refused to let them in because I didn't know them. Great, standup guys!

I was incredibly psyched about the apartment I was going to move to. It's across the street from a grocery store, a block from the nearest public library branch, and it is a little further in terms of my commute, because I either walk or take the bus those four blocks. The lease started today, so my parents helped me take some basic stuff into the apartment and unpack it in case the move ended and all I wanted to do was take a shower, eat something, and crawl into bed before unpacking anything.

But when we got to the apartment I was like "but... this isn't the apartment I saw. What is this weird layout? I've never seen this apartment in my HOLY SHIT THIS LIVING ROOM IS HUGE. IS THIS THE KITCHEN? ????? Wait there's another room. What... what is going on. This is not my beautiful house, etc."

I am not totally sure what happened, but I doublechecked the lease I signed and that unit I walked into today is definitely the unit for the lease I signed, which is apparently... not the unit I saw?

But this unit is better. The kitchen is pretty large and there's a separate dining area. I had been planning to have a separate office, which doesn't seem to be doable, but the living room is huge so I'm really okay with that. It isn't that much bigger, but it is definitely bigger and the closets are also bigger. Narnia could fit in that closet and there'd still be room for at least four homophobic politicians. I mean, I'd rather keep coats in it. But still.

So, that's super weird, right? That never happens. No one ever rents the wrong apartment and then walks in and it's better. I am slightly terrified I've done something wrong and they'll take my apartment away from me and reprimand me for moving into the apartment I leased because the rent cannot be this low, wtf, and I'll have to pack up and move again and all that glorious new bookshelf space will be reduced very slightly. Which I guess is a silly thing to worry about, because the landlords and I have both signed a contract.

On the other hand, I knew something totally unexpected would happen with this move, and now it has, and I can relax because it was a Bank Error in My Favor, right?

Anyway, I am trying to like, forcibly relax (yeah that's totally a thing you can do) and finish packing stuff so I can move and then fill my apartment with kitchen islands and bookshelves.

(ETA: Also, Ang, I know I owe you a mix CD. I haven't forgotten about you, and I feel like a jerk for never having gotten to it. Will do that eventually too.)

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